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Fli Drone is the only drone logistics provider in The Bahamas. We offer the most innovative and effective method to deliver items for your business.

Drone Cargo Services

Fli Drone’s fleet is VTOL capable, meaning they take off vertically and fly horizontally. Allowing Fli Drone to delivery virtually anywhere.

– Up to 80 lbs payload capacity –
– Average flight range of 20 miles –
– Zero infrastructure required on receiving end –
– Temperature control options available –


Forget about the traffic in Nassau – we can fly directly from point A to B and avoid all of the typical obstacles that local delivery encounters.


Fli provides on-demand drone delivery services to The Bahamas’ family islands and neighboring vessels. Long range and high payload capable.

For Business

Drone delivery streamlines the supply chain and enables the swift movement of goods from A to B. We offer subscription-based services that can be tailored to your business needs

For Yachts

Fli runners source your items in Nassau and securely pack items for delivery. Fli can deliver critical parts to your vessel in a fraction of the time of traditional supply chain. Members have a detailedprofile to uniquely identify vessels’ individual preferences.


Fli Drone provides consulting services to a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, healthcare, incident management and more. Fli Drone can advise businesses on all aspects of drone operations.

About Fli

Fli Drone is a drone services business with operations in The Bahamas and the greater Caribbean.

Fli Drone is pioneering commercial BVLOS operations. Fli is currently engaged with select enterprise customers for both last mile and inter-island delivery.

Fli Drone was started by young entrepreneurs with technology backrounds in the industrial real estate, logistics and financial services industries.

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The Best in Technology

Fli Drone is not a drone manufacturer, we are a drone logistics company. Since we are not tied to a single aircraft, we utilize the latest and greatest drones for our applications. We are constantly at the cutting edge of unmanned aerial systems capabilities.


“Fli connects The Bahamas with on-demand drone delivery, enabling critical services to the country’s family islands.”

Leslie O. Pindling

“The Bahamas is the most opportunistic area in the world for UAV deployment and development. Our inter-island nation can greatly benefit from a streamlined supply chain, capable of delivering goods to any island with minimal infrastructure.”

Robert T. Sweeting

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