Fli Drone Yacht Membership

Spend more time enjoying what matters.

Enhanced luxury with Fli’s exclusive membership for the yachting community.

Long range, heavy payload deliveries direct to your vessel from Nassau, Bahamas.Engine parts, perishables, medicines and more rushed to you in under an hour.

Free Fulfillment

Fli runners source your items in Nassau and securely pack items for delivery. Orders can be tracked using the Fli app.

Boat Parts

Fli can deliver critical parts to your vessel in a fraction of the time of traditional supply chain.


Exclusive membershipguarantees priority againstother orders and reduced rates.

Personalized Touch

Members have a detailedprofile to uniquely identify vessels’ individual preferences.

Transponder Buoy

A small identifier buoy is provided to members to identify your precise location for deliveries.

Speak to us about reserving your membership for the2020 yachting season.

Delivering to the Exuma Cays and more

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